FC Dallas, in conjunction with Frisco law enforcement officials, are dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment in which to enjoy events at Toyota Stadium. Police officers are stationed near each Stadium entrance gate and all persons entering the Stadium are subject to search and questioning. Full cooperation with the authorities is appreciated and will help speed the progression of the lines.

No bottles, cans, coolers, containers, food or beverages of any kind, powdered substances, televisions or professional cameras/equipment may be brought into the Stadium at Toyota Stadium.

The following items are allowed within the Soccer Park, but containers made of glass are prohibited. Food or beverages deemed necessary due to age, a special dietary need, religious requirement, or medical condition may be approved by contacting Toyota Stadium in advance of the event.

Air horns, whistles, fireworks, slingshots, firearms, or any other weapons may not be brought into Toyota Stadium. Seat cushions with backs are prohibited. Anyone with an item that does not pass security measures will be asked to either take the item back to their vehicle or dispose of it before entering Toyota Stadium.

Purses, backpacks, fanny packs, diaper bags or any other bags may be brought into the Stadium, but will be searched at the bag inspection area. Please be aware that prohibited items policies and security parameters may be modified from time-to-time as security levels change.

Service animals (i.e. guide dogs) are the only pets allowed into Toyota Stadium.

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