( Augusta, Kentucky ) -Cameron Buerger's family is asking any available volunteers to help them search the Ohio River for their son, Cameron. Cameron went missing on the river while canoeing with Marty Stanaford in the area of Levanna,Ohio / Dover Kentucky on May 3rd . Marty's body has been recovered, however Cameron's has not.  Buerger's family says they expect the authorities to taper down there efforts soon and wants to expand the geographic coverage of the search. The say there is no official meeting site or launch point, however there are three regions that still require eyes of the water via boat or land / shore on both the Ohio and Kentucky sides of the river. 

1) Meldahl Locks and Damn down river (West) all the way to Cincinnati - Both sides of the river - To date this area has not been a primary search target 

2) Medhal Locks and Damn up river (East) to Ripley, Ohio / Dover Kentucky - Both sides of the river - this is the area where Marty Stanaford's body was recovered 

3) Ripley Ohio / Dover Kentucky, up river (East) to Portsmouth Ohio - Both sides of the river- To date this has not been a primary search target 

The family asks volunteers to be safe; wear life jackets and do not go within 1/2 mile of the Meldahl Locks and Damn; the currents are very dangerous. If you find Cameron, please call: 

- 911, or 

- The Ohio Department of Natural Resources - Division of Watercraft 614-265-6480 

A volunteer searcher on a jet ski found a body in the Ohio River on Friday afternoon, and according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, it's one of the two men who went missing last week. The body was found in Augusta, Kentucky, some 8 miles downstream from where they started out. The ODNR says the body is that of Stanaford, though positive ID from the Brown County Coroner is pending.

19-Year-Old Marty Stanaford and 20-year-old Cameron Buerger (pictured) took out a 15-foot canoe on the night of May 3, and they were never seen again. Investigators say the young men did not take life jackets with them.