(Cincinnati) -- In February of 2012, 13 month old Cohen Barber sustained head injuries that lead to his death.  The boy was in the care of Daniel Hamberg at the time, and Hamberg told police he accidentally hit his head while playing, before going into convulsions.

Hamberg said Cohen would jump from stairs into the his arms, or the arms of the boy's mother.  But this time, Hamberg said he missed, and Cohen hit his head.

Investigators said they believed the injuries were consistent with a violent shaking.  They charged Hamberg with murder, aggravated murder, child endangerment and felonious assault. 

But in a plea deal, those charges were dropped, and Hamberg entered a guilty plea to involuntary manslaughter.  He could have received as few as three years incarceration, or as many as eleven.

Judge Leslie Ghiz gave him the maximum, and a $20,000 fine, saying, "...a child was in your care, and that child is gone, and will no longer be on this Earth..."

Hamberg can appeal the sentence.