(Cincinnati) -- Last December, with new leadership at City Hall, the streetcar project was put on hold, while City Council looked at whether it would cost more to cancel it, or continue construction.

That pause will end up adding slightly less than a million dollars to the project's cost.

Because the City had to renegotiate contracts with the joint venture of Messer-Prus-Delta, the primary contractors on building the streetcar line, they'll have to pay another $637,108.  Negotiations with the builder of the streetcar, CAF, are ongoing.

City Council also approved another $100,000 to secure the work sites during the pause.  And they paid $250,000 for KPMG to conduct an audit, to get the answer to what it would cost to stop the streetcar.

Paul Gether with SORTA says it's possible they did not spend all of the $100,000 for the site securing.

Project manager Chris Eilerman says the delay also pushed back some of the "milestone" dates, with substantial completion now scheduled for April 4th, 2016, instead of March 15th.

The streetcar is expected to be operational by September of 2016.