(Cincinnati) -- Demonstrators says the contract the Archdiocese has written up for its teachers, is "outrageous".  The employment contract for "teacher-minister" positions in local Catholic schools specifies that employees cannot engage in behavior "invariance with or contrary to the policies of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, and/or the moral or religious teachings of the Catholic Church..."

Teacher Mindy Burger says it focuses too much on reproductive rights, and homosexuality.  She wonders why there are no clauses regarding "feeding the poor".  Burger says she won't sign, and will instead retire.  And she worries that the contract will scare away other current, and potential teachers.

Tim Garry, Jr., says they've delivering about 24,000 petition signatures, from across the Tri-State, and the country, calling on the Cincinnati Archdiocese to start again. 

Burger says she hopes the Archdiocese will take a step back, and put off enforcing the contract for at least a year, and to consider changes.