(Over-the-Rhine) -- While Mayor-elect John Cranley has said the conversation about the streetcar is over, supporters are hoping he'll continue to talk.  Those supporters have a town hall meeting, Thursday night, at the Mercantile Library, to talk about keeping the streetcar project going, in the face of a City Hall soon to be opposed to it.

Last week's elections put a new Mayor, and a majority of Council members against the streetcar, in office.

The meeting Thursday night is for streetcar supporters to discuss strategy and tactics of their next steps.  But, organizers, like Ryan Messer are also hoping to attract the Mayor-elect and some members of Council.

Messer bought property in Over-the-Rhine because of the streetcar.  He was one of several people at a press conference, Tuesday morning, to do so.  Norma Kerns and her husband bought a building at 15th and Race, because of the streetcar.  She says the streetcar isn't just benefitting them, or just the neighborhood.  She says they've hired contractors and construction workers from across the Tri-State to renovate the building.  She says projects like hers are creating jobs.

There have been threats of lawsuits against the City, if the project is halted.  Messer says some people bought property and have started businesses in the neighborhood specifically because of the streetcar, and they feel betrayed by threats to end it.  He says anyone can understand wanting to protect an investment by suing the City.  He says collecting signatures for a referendum is not off the table yet either.

This announcement comes just days after thirteen more pieces of the rail for Cincinnati's streetcar were delivered. More than $23 million for the 3.6-mile streetcar line has been spent and the City has obligated an additional $94 million in contracts.

Construction crews began installing Streetcar rails for the first time last month.Thirteen more pieces of 80-foot-long rail sections arrived in historic Over-the-Rhine on Monday.