( Covington, Kentucky ) - Emergency crews were called to Jeff Ruby's Waterfront because the floating restaurant broke free and was floating down the Ohio River again.

It came to a stop on the other side of the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge.

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Rescue crews were called to the scene in 2011 for a similiar incident. In that case, the restaurant was open, and people had to be rescued.  The Waterfront has been closed since then.

Thursday morning, Steve Poe was on board, patching leaks.  He saw ice flows building up against the nose of the barge, and saw the ramp start to buckle.  He ran to get out, but the ramp collapsed beneath him.  Poe was able to stay out of the water, and got back on the barge.  He was stranded until a tugboat came alongside and rescued him.

The owner, Jeff Ruby, says they were planning on reopening the restaurant at the Covington Landing.  That's where the barge will be towed.