According to a new survey, 70% of Americans think rudeness and incivility are national crises. 

Almost everyone -- 95% -- agree the country has a rudeness problem, and the average person deals with two or three acts of rudeness per day.

Half of the incidents of incivility occurred online. Americans said the Internet is the main culprit with 70% agreeing that it has caused more people to be disrespectful in general.

Almost half of people -- 48% -- have unfriended or blocked someone on Facebook because they were rude, and 50% of people have ended a friendship in real life because of it.

Eighty-seven percent agree it is rude to be on the phone while you are talking to someone in person, and 86% said answering your phone during a meal is impolite.

As for swearing and cursing, 72% think it is rude, and 63% think there is more of it now than ever before.

Most people think the general level of rudeness is causing more violence with 81% agreeing.

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Photo credit: Flickr/bankdis