Depending on what you do right after sex, you might be annoying or even offending the person with whom you were just intimate.

Here are the seix most annoying after-sex habits:

  • Running to the bathroom. Hygiene is good, but running to the bathroom the second you are done is like saying you are grossed out by what -- or who -- you just did.
  • Putting your clothes on right away. If you are a woman, it gives the impression that you are uncomfortable with your body. If you are a guy, it confirms the cliche that you just wanted to have sex, then leave.
  • Laughing. If you are hooking up with someone for the first time, they might get freaked out or confused.
  • Crying. If things did not go well, the other person could be crushed.
  • Grabbing your phone. It says that you could not wait to finish sex and get back to important things -- like Candy Crush. Let a little bit of time pass before you start checking email or text messages.
  • Scoring the performance. It is one thing to tell the other person how great it was, but breaking it down any more than that is asking for trouble.

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