Seven things men and women should avoid when getting intimate:

1. Using words like "baby" too much: using a pet name once or twice is fine, but if you say it too much, it seems like you are acting.

2. Being too commanding: you should let the other person know what you want, but you do not want to come across like a drill sergeant -- unless that is what they want.

3. Grabbing body parts they are insecure about: maybe it is your love handles or backside, but insecurity is not sexy.

4. Leaving your socks on: it seems like you are in such a hurry you are not even willing to undress.

5. Making the other person do all the work: for instance, they are on top 90% of the time, and you just lay there.

6. Skipping foreplay: guys are the most guilty of this, but it is extremely important for most women.

7. Trying to last as long as possible: some guys think that the longer the better, but for women, one expert compared it to being massaged in the same spot over and over again.

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