While this story, originally posted by a Reddit user, cannot be confirmed, it certainly is a dream come true for everyone who has been annoyed by an out-of-control child in a restaurant.

A man claimed he was in line at a Burger King in front of a woman and her young son.

The woman was on her phone, and the child was out of control, hitting her and yelling, "I want a [expletive] apple pie!"

The man asked the woman if she could quiet the boy down because he had a headache. She responded by saying it was none of his business and called her son "sweetie," reassuring the boy he would get his pie soon.

When the man reached the register to order his food, he asked how many apple pies were in stock. They told him 23.

He bought all of them just so the kid could not get one.

As he walked away with the pies, he heard the woman complaining to the worker that they were out of pies.

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