Advice on how to lose weight is everywhere, and many website authors claim to be experts.

People eager to drop a few pounds are all too willing to take the advice, desperately looking for the best way to get in shape.

Unfortunately, much of that advice is just plain wrong.

Here are dieting tips that experts say you can ignore (and why):

  • Fat makes you fat: there is actually good fat that you need, and it keeps you slim. It is in food like nuts, salmon and avocados.
  • Eat as few calories as possible: cutting down on calories puts your body in "starvation mode," causing your metabolism to slow down. Doctors say that if you cut out just 500 calories per day and exercise, you will lose one pound per week.
  • Eat small, frequent meals to rev up your metabolism: actually, studies show that eating frequently might cause you to eat more, and waiting hours between meals does not slow down your metabolism.
  • Swear off "forbidden" foods: you might think that when you are dieting, you can never have pizza, fries or sweets, but the key is to eat them in moderation to prevent binges, which are worse.
  • Avoid fruits and nuts: people think that nuts are high in calories and fruits are full of sugar, but studies have found that people who eat more nuts are smaller, and the sugar in fruit is the best kind because it is natural and unprocessed.
  • Eat raw foods: the idea is that you burn more calories eating raw foods than they contain, but that is a myth, and eating raw food can actually slow down your metabolism or break down muscle in some cases.

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