Here are three everyday things you might be doing wrong, courtesy of Prevention Magazine:

  1. Putting leftovers directly in the refridgerator. You especially should not do this if the food is something big, like leftover ham that has not been cut up. When you put hot food directly into the fridge, the outside gets cold before the middle does, which can lead to food poisoning. Let the food cool on the counter for up to an hour, then put it in the refridgerator.
  2. Picking up your prescriptions at the pharmacy drive-thru. According to an Ohio State University survey of more than 400 pharmacists, a mistake with your prescription is more likely to happen because working the drive-thru is more distracting than dealing with customers inside the store.
  3. Leaving your wallet or purse on the kitchen counter. One study found that the bottom of purses had up to 10,000 bacteria per square inch, which can then end up on the food you are about to eat.