A new survey is giving us more insights into the average person's sex life.

Check out five results from a new sex survey of more than 1,100 Americans:

A majority, 61%, have sex at least once per week. For people in steady relationships, 70% have sex at least once per week, and 34% of single people match that frequency.

The average person said they go on two-to-five dates with someone before it is "appropriate" to have sex.

There are plenty of men and women who disagree on their relationship status -- 65% who said they are in a casual relationship are male, while only 36% of females agreed with that.

Sixty-one percent of people have had sex in a car, 47% had sex outdoors, and 42% got it on in the kitchen.

People who wear condoms every time they have sex are 10% more likely to rate their sex as amazing.

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