Just because someone is wealthy, that does not mean they are willing to share it.

Specifically, many celebrities are well-known bad tippers, going skimpy on the gratuity they leave for waiters, valets, etc.

As evidence, look to these celebs who are notorious for being bad tippers.

  • Tiger Woods: while vacationing with a "mystery woman" in Las Vegas, Woods stiffed his waiter, so his female companion left the tip.
  • Jeremy Piven: he was banned from all Nobu restaurants after a 2007 incident at their Aspen restaurant. Even though the restaurant was packed and he did not have a reservation, Piven was given a table for him and his 12 guests. He left the season-one DVD of "Entourage" as a tip, and on the way out, he told the manager, "Thanks for nothing."
  • Bill Cosby: he once left a three-dollar tip on a $350 bill, less than one percent.
  • Rachel Ray: the food-TV host regularly tips less than ten percent and has even said on her show that seven percent is good enough.
  • Sean Penn: he and friends once ran up a $450 bill at a New Orleans restaurant, then left no tip for the server. He was once married to fellow bad tipper Madonna.
  • Britney Spears: she threw change at the feet of a valet attendant and said, "There's your tip," and has also left a $26 tip on a $500 bill, about five percent.

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Photo credit: Getty Images