A statistician at North Carolina State University analyzed data on the different words and pronunciations different parts of the country use to describe the exact same thing.

Here are the four biggest words we disagree on:

  • Caramel -- the East and South usually pronounce it CARE-uh-mel, while the Midwest and West say CAR-muhl.
  • "You guys" vs. "y'all" -- The South uses the latter, except for South Florida, which goes with the former. Pretty much the rest of the country says "you guys," except for Central Kentucky, where they say "you all."
  • Pecan -- Northeasterners pronounce is PEE-can, the Southeast says peh-KAHN, Northern Wisconsin and Michigan say PEE-kahn, and the rest go with pee-KAHN.
  • Carbonated beverages -- the Midwest and Great Plains say "pop," "soda" is said in the West, Northest, South Florida and St. Louis area, and the South says "Coke," even when they're talking about Sprite.

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