Career Builder recently surveyed 2000 hiring managers and asked them for the craziest stunts job candidates have attempted to stand out from the pack and get hired.

Here are the top five that actually worked:

  • Renting a billboard outside the company's office and putting the job seeker's information on it
  • Asking to be interviewed in Spanish to showcase the fact that the job seeker was bilingual
  • Inviting the company to hire them by setting up their cover letter like a wedding invitation
  • Performing an original song about why they were the best person for the job
  • Fixing a piece of equipment during their interview

Here are five interview stunts that did not land candidates the job:

  • Doing a back flip into the room when they arrived for the interview
  • Sending a fruit basket to the interviewer's home address, which had not been shared with the candidate
  • Doing a tarot card reading
  • Dressing up as a clown for a non-clown job
  • Mailing the company a shoe to "get their foot in the door"

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