When someone you are interested in wants to hang out, it is not always clear whether it is an actual date or just something casual. Here are five situations and whether they mean "date" or "just friends".

  • They ask you out on a whim: when someone wants to take you out on a date, they usually have a plan in mind and ask if you want to do something specific at a certain time. If they ask you to do something on that same day, it is probably just a friendly hangout.
  • They seem nervous: it is probably a date.
  • He/she does not offer to pay: if someone asks you out but does not offer to pick up the tab, it is probably just a hangout.
  • They ask lots of questions: if you spend time with someone and they ask a lot of questions, they are trying to get to know you better to see if you are someone they would like to date. That means it is probably a date (or "trial" date).

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