(NEWSER– The family of a 23-year-old Chinese woman says she was electrocuted when she answered her charging iPhone.

The story has prompted an investigation into the death by Apple as it makes waves on Chinese social media, the Wall Street Journal reports.

A local official says Ma Ailun's "neck had an obvious electronic injury." But it's not certain whether the phone, charger, or neither are to blame; nor is it clear which model iPhone she was using.

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Apple has not said whether they have received reports of this happening before. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission said most of their complaints are about phone overheating or catching fire because of bad charging cables.

Most experts have said there is no real danger in being electrocuted by charging smartphones. They recommend avoiding third-party chargers, which may be faulty or improperly deliver too much of a charge to your phone battery, possibly causing it to explode.

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