A 40-year-old man attempted to rob a Seattle restaurant, but things went about as poorly as possible for the would-be thief.

First, he entered the restaurant and flashed a gun, but it was clearly fake, so no one took him seriously.

Employees would not comply with his demand to open the register, but they did give him the tip jar, which contained about $15.

The man then attempted to rob the restaurant customers, but they also did not comply.

He then attempted to get the customers to join him in his crime by encouraging them all to leave with him without paying for their meals. Again, no one went along with him.

When the man attempted to make his escape, he tried to kick open a side door, but it was locked, and he fell to the ground.

He then ran out of another door and attempted to carjack a woman, but instead of giving him her keys, she began filming him on her cellphone.

Finally, police arrived and arrested the man.

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