Here is a list of the most-obnoxious types of things people post on Facebook (not including photos, videos or links).

Warning: if you post these kinds of things, you may be annoying your friends and could get de-friended.

  • "I'm living the life" brag: "Guess who just got promoted?" or "Off to Hawaii!"
  • Disguised brag: also known as a "humblebrag," an example would be "Walking home from work and three guys whistled at me and made comments about my cleavage. I hate men!"
  • Relationship updates: "I'm the luckiest girl in the world!"
  • Cryptic cliffhanger: "This could be a big day..."
  • Literally describing what you are doing: "Going to the gym."
  • Public private message: a post intended for one particular person that is posted publicly
  • Out-of-nowhere Oscar speech: "I just want to thank everyone who's touched my life..."
  • Obvious opinion about a big event: "Thinking about all the people affected by the recent tragedy."
  • Unsolicited spiritual wisdom: "'Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.' -Buddha"
  • Political rhetoric: you're not convincing anyone of anything

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