According to a new survey, Americans embarrass themselves constantly, but deal with those situations in different ways.

When people do something embarrassing, 33% said they immediately apologized, 22% cracked a joke to cover it up, 21% pretended it did not happen, and 6% simply left the room.

Men and women vary greatly on whether they think lying to avoid an embarrassing moment is okay -- 72% of women saw no problem with the fib, but only 56% of men said it is okay.

Most people -- 65% -- have embarrassed themselves at work.

The most-embarrassing age is 16, but 28% of adults still feel like they are in an "awkward" stage.

Women said the most-embarrassing thing they have done on a date is spill food on themselves, and men said it was passing gas.

Twelve percent of Americans have had their credit card declined while on a date.

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Photo credit: Angela Waye/Shutterstock