Bartenders and waiters watch people hit on and flirt with others all the time, both successfully and otherwise. compiled tips from service-industry workers on how to pick up that good-looking guy or girl.

Remember, they see people strike out all the time.

  • Be realistic. If you are a divorced 50-something who is a bit out of shape and driving a mediocre car, you probably should not waste your time with a hot 22-year-old in designer clothes.
  • Treat your server/bartender well. If you treat them with no respect, it shows that you are not cheap or an arrogant jerk who expects everyone to cater to you. If you are polite and tip well, people notice.
  • Do not flash your cash. Women see right through it.
  • Do not drink too much. Getting sloppy drunk while trying to pick someone up makes you look bad and often leads to bad decisions.

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Photo credit: Shutterstock