There are plenty of sex myths that you have heard ever since you found out what sex is.

Most of them are false or half-truths.

Surprisingly though, some are actually true.

No, a woman cannot get pregnant from oral sex. And no, the chlorine in hot tubs will not prevent sexually transmitted diseases.


  • The penis can break. The two cylinders of tissue in the penis that become rigid during an erection can "break," sometimes with a cracking sound. Fixing the problem requires surgery.
  • Sex can cause blindness. It is possible to have an orgasm so aggressive that you lose vision. Known as amaurosis fugax, the condition usually only occurs in one eye and lasts for a few minutes before vision returns.
  • Food allergies can be transmitted via semen. In addition to some people being allergic to semen itself, it is also possible for food allergies to be triggered by semen if the man has recently eaten the allergen. 

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