If you are worried you might be on the verge of being let go by your employer, check for these warning signs:

1. Your level of responsibility has gone down: if you used to get trusted with the big stuff but now have a bunch of free time, do not look at that as a reward.

2. The boss is avoiding you: it could be a sign of guilt because (s)he knows what is coming.

3. You have been disciplined recently: if it happens once, you are usually all right as long as it does not happen again.

4. A robot can do your job: if it is possible to automate your work, it could be only a matter of time until it is automated.

5. The company does not pay for professional development: if you used to go to conferences or luncheons on company time and they now will not let you, it could be a sign they do not want to invest in you anymore.

6. Your company was just bought out: they always say no one will be let go, but it inevitably happens.

7. You have been asked to create a job description for your position: much of time, this means someone is trying to decide which employees are expendable. 

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