The characters on "Seinfeld" always seemed to find ridiculous, nit-picky reasons to break up with boyfriends and girlfriends.

It happens plenty in real life too.

A new survey found the dumbest reasons men and women have broken up with their significant others.

Here are the ten dumbest excuses guys have used:

  • "You have too many sex toys, which is intimidating."
  • "You ignored all my requests to leave the toilet seat up."
  • "Your grandmother keeps giving me the eye, and it creeps me out."
  • "I had to play football in a dirty uniform because you didn't wash it in time."
  • "My friends keep telling me you're not attractive, and I can't take it."
  • "You claimed to be a fan of Dostoyevsky but couldn't name Raskolnikov's sister in 'Crime & Punishment,' so I think you're a fraud."
  • "You said you'd seen Blink-182 here, but they've never played here, which means you aren't trustworthy."
  • "You beat me at Xbox all the time, and I can't take it."
  • "Your cooking isn't as good as my mom's."
  • "You wouldn't pick me up after a night out, so I had to pay for a taxi."

 Here are the ten dumbest excuses women have used:

  • "The way you pronounce words bothers me."
  • "I don't like your aftershave."
  • "You never flush the toilet."
  • "You don't cut your fingernails often enough."
  • "Your breathing is too heavy."
  • "I don't like the newspaper you read."
  • "You're too close to your mother."
  • "Our TV shows aren't compatible."
  • "You're too clean and shower twice a day."
  • "You won't put on the heat when it's cold, but tell me to wear a sweater."

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