Two Texas lawmakers plan to introduce legislation to legalize marijuana as many times as it takes in order to put the Lone Star state on par with Colorado and Washington.

Current Texas law classifies possession of two ounces or less as a Class B misdemeanor, punishable by up two six months in jail.

"I think that's a little overkill for somebody who has an ounce or less of marijuana," State Representative Harold Dutton, Jr. said.

Dutton's proposed bill would reduce possession of an ounce or less to a Class C misdemeanor, essentially the same as a traffic ticket.

The offender would still be guilty of a criminal offense and required to attend a drug and alcohol awareness class.

Rep. Elliott Naishtat will also attempt to get a medical marijuana bill to the house floor vote.

Experts in drug policy predict it will be 5-10 years before Texas lawmakers might actually change marijuana laws.

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