Waiters and waitresses revealed the things restaurant customers do that annoy them and make their jobs harder.

In a Reddit forum, service workers dished on the things diners do intentionally and unintentionally. Here are the things to know before you eat out:

  • Don't stack plates: even if you think you are helping and know the best way to stack, the server probably knows better
  • Don't bring misbehaving kids: this is self-explanatory
  • Don't play with your trash: do not put trash in your empty glasses/cups or tear up napkins/coasters
  • Put away your phones: being on your phone can lead to confusion over whether you are ready to order or need anything, and the server may be nervous they will spill something and damage the phone
  • Don't ask for a different table: this can mess up seating rotations -- "That server is, presumably, going to give you the best service because he or she is the least busy at the moment"
  • Don't come in right before closing: all of the employees will have to wait in the restaurant until you leave, and they want to go home after a day of work
  • Don't tip based on a discounted bill: the server did the same amount of work even though you got a free meal

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