During discussions on Reddit, both men and women responded to the question of what things they hate most during sex.

Seven things women hate the most:

  1. Men who are too aggressive and forceful with their hands down below
  2. Long fingernails
  3. Hearing "Are you close?" over and over
  4. A guy mentioning something another woman did that he liked
  5. Rushing through foreplay
  6. Changing positions without asking when the first position was working
  7. Men lasting too long -- after around 20 minutes, there is more soreness than enjoyment

Seven things men hate the most:

  1. The "dead fish" -- when a woman lies almost motionless and silent
  2. Having to be the one who initiates sex every time
  3. A woman rubbing down below like she is trying to start a fire
  4. Fake porn moans and awkward dirty talk
  5. Overly-aggressive scratching
  6. Hearing "Are you close?" over and over
  7. Consistently bad smells down below

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