With the release of Tom Cruise's new action movie "Edge of Tomorrow," in which he plays hero Major William Cage, Yahoo decided to rank the best action-film characters' names of all time.

The criteria for the rankings included the names' ability to relate danger, honor, intimidation, and working-class relatability.

Top ten action-hero names:

  1. Snake Plissken - "Escape From New York"
  2. Frank Bullitt - "Bullitt"
  3. Han Solo - "Star Wars" trilogy
  4. James Bond - 007 series
  5. John Rambo - "Rambo" series
  6. Jericho 'Action' Jackson - "Action Jackson"
  7. Chev Chelios - "Crank"
  8. Chance Boudreaux - "Hard Target"
  9. Ellen Ripley - "Alien" series
  10. Indiana Jones - "Indiana Jones" series

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