The moment a woman, who had been deaf since birth, hears for the first time has been captured on film.

Joanne Milne, 40, was born deaf, and during her 20s also began to lose her vision due to a rare medical condition called Usher Syndrome.

Last month, she was fitted with cochlear implants, and after 40 years of silence, the life-changing procedure has meant she is now able to hear.

"The switch-on was the most emotional and overwhelming experience of my life, and I'm still in shock now," Milne said. "The first day everybody sounded robotic, and I have to learn to recognize what these sounds are as I build a sound library in my brain."

"Hearing things for the first time is so, so emotional, from the ping of a light switch to running water," Milne continued. "I can't stop crying. I can already foresee how it's going to be life changing, and the implants will get better and better over time, I'm so so happy."

"I'm also attempting to use the telephone at one point, but it's one step at a time as it's all so daunting. It's the small things that are huge life-changing experiences to me right now, and this will probably last a few months."