Men do not "know" how to text.

Even though men often prefer to communicate via text message, they sometimes become misunderstood due to the nuances of texting -- ending a sentence with a period or exclamation point, emoticons, one-word responses, etc.

Here are ten texting "moves" men use that women have come to despise:

  • The passive-aggressive texter: this is most guys, causing endless misunderstandings when a text means what it says, but women try to extract a hidden meaning behind it. Examples: "ok." ... "that's fine." ... "if you want"
  • The tweener: he is so afraid of sounding passive-aggressive in his texts that he overcompensates and comes off as young or girly. Examples: "lol!" ... "you got the tickets?! omfg!" ... "thanks cutie! :)"
  • The vanisher: the guy views texts like an Army radio operator -- once the mission is complete, there is no need for chitchat. After a simple response, he disappears.
  • The carver: pithy, lack of emotion, and stops just short of being rude. Examples: "Movie. I'll get tickets. 8 pm. see you there." ... "I had fun." ... "liked meeting your parents."

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