November has been alternatively designated as "Movember" and "No-Shave November" by men who grow their facial hair and raise money for charities.

What does a guy's facial hair say about him?

  • Traditional beard: a solid beard means he is an alpha male and someone who is totally comfortable in his manhood
  • Bushy beard: can signify shyness or laziness, depending on how it is worn
  • Goatee: best on older men, a young man sporting a goatee might feel like he has something to prove
  • Sideburns: a non-committal style -- not quite a beard, not quite clean shaven -- that may indicated a man who is still finding himself
  • Mutton chops: not afraid to express his wild side
  • Chinstrap: he might not be a creeper, but he looks like one
  • Soul patch: nostalgic for the '90s, or maybe just a tool
  • Mustache: making it harder to eat, kiss, groom, this dedication deserves credit
  • Handlebar mustache: "I'm willing to groom this thing to perfection"
  • Scruff: he's either trying to get laid, living with his parents, or both
  • Clean shaven: does not scream masculinity or experience, but likely simply means he does not like the way facial hair looks or feels on him

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Photo credit: Getty Images