You might feel secure in the privacy of your own home, but with today's technology, that privacy cannot be guaranteed without completely living "off the grid."

Any household item that is connected to a network theoretically allows people, companies, or government agencies to record your activities.

Here are eight household items that might be spying on you:

  • TV - if it connect to the Internet, then you are vulnerable; one security firm proved they could turn on web cams in smart TVs and watch viewers
  • Cable box - companies are developing them with motion sensors and cameras so that they can see what you are doing and send targeted ads
  • Appliances like coffee makers, dishwashers and clock radios - models that allow you to turn them on/off via smartphones or the Internet are vulnerable to hackers, who could use the information to schedule the best time for a burglary
  • Lights - the same technology that allows you to turn your lights on/off from a computer/smartphone allows criminals to turn them off during a home invasion
  • Air conditioning/heat - if they are connected to a network, then companies track your usage to optimize energy efficiency, and anyone that can hack into that information can figure out when you are at home, working, or asleep
  • Security systems - these are all hooked up to the Internet now, and criminals can hack in and wreak havoc
  • Insulin pumps and pacemakers - both are basically little computers in your body, and security teams have proven that they could deliver the wrong dose of insulin at any time and kill you
  • Smartphone/tablet - obviously, they are full of personal information, but the latest military technology can create a 3D map of what is around your device

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Photo credit: Ferenc Cegledi/Shutterstock