Meet Monsieur, the amazing $2,699 robot bartender that can learn your drinking habits and mix an astonishing 300 different cocktails.

The new device, which is similar to a Nespresso machine, is designed to be used at home and can even synch with smart phones.

The robot has an advanced artificial-intelligent drive and can detect when you come home late and might want a double. It also picks up when you're with someone else, noticing more than one mobile device on the Wi-Fi network, so it can suggest if you want two drinks instead of one.

It also monitors how much you're drinking, can estimate your blood alcohol level, and help you get a cab.

The system can also be programmed to send alerts when ingredients are low and purchase new ingredients via a liquor delivery service.

There are two models: one for $1,499 with a four-liquid container capacity, each holding 30 ounces, or an eight-container version for $2,699.

The device has recently been added to crowdfunding site Kickstarter. The first backers will receive a shipment as early as December 2013 and other pledges have a ship date of spring 2014.

"The goal of Monsieur is to redefine the social drinking experience by using smart technology to create a personal bartender, assistant and mixologist for everyone, providing an unmatched cocktail experience, anywhere you might be" Barry Givens, CEO and co-founder of Monsieur, said.

Pictured: Monsieur the robot bartender