It seems like original Korn drummer David Silvera will not be returning to the band any time soon.

Silvera responded to a fan's question on Facebook about a rumored fight between him and bassist Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu, as mentioned in Arvizu's autobiography "Got the Life."

"Ha ha!! Fieldy NEVER threw down his bass and tried to fight me," Silvera wrote. "He is a coward with a big mouth and he knows I would beat his ass like the little wimp that he is. I would love for him to talk shit to my face now. I would love to crush him like a bitch."

"Sorry, guys," Silvera continued. "Fieldy has acted like a tough guy for so long it's nice to tell the truth. Not only is he NOT a tough guy but he's a cowardly little bitch. He never tried to fight me 'cuz he knows I would squash him like a bug. He acted like a tough guy on tour to our staff 'cuz he knew he could get away with it because our crew got paid well and didn't want to lose their jobs. He used that to walk around acting like he thought he was a tough gangsta. Our entire crew laughed at him behind his back because they all knew he is a pussy. I would love to see him out somewhere with no security to protect the runt. He wouldn't say anything because he's totally scared of me."

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