Godsmack guitarist Tony Rombola and drummer Shannon Larkin have launched a new blues-rock band called the Blue Cross Band.

The Blue Cross Band made their live debut last month, (watch below) and they plan to record and release an album following the completion of Godsmack's current album/tour cycle.

"I see myself doing the Blue Cross Band after Godsmack," Larkin told News-Press.com. "This is a style of music I can see myself playing well into my 60s."

"I've spent my life playing different styles," Rombola said. "[With the Blue Cross Band], I get to play all the stuff I've learned with the blues and apply it to these songs. It's a lot of fun."

Larkin also said the style of the Blue Cross Band will allow him to extend his career.

"When I hit the drums in Godsmack, I'm trying to kill 'em," Larkin said. "In the Cross, I shut my eyes and I'm into the lyrics and the song and Tony's guitar playing and Brian's bass. It's a band thing, whereas in Godsmack, it's like a gang thing. We're out to pummel."

The Blue Cross Band's lineup is rounded out by singer/guitarist Ray Cerbone and bassist Brian Carpenter.

Godsmack's new album 1000hp will be released August 5.

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Photo credit: Getty Images