Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett said the band will begin work on their next album "in a couple of weeks."

The album will be Metallica's first studio album since 2008's Death Magnetic.

"When we start, that's going to be our main priority, and we're pretty excited about it because we've been saying we need to start working on this album, but we've been procrastinating greatly with it," Hammett said. "We've pretty much come up with every sort of excuse we can not to start work on the album, but we've run out of excuses, so we pretty much have to start work on it now."

Why have they procrastinated so much?

"We have too many ideas," Hammett said. "James (Hetfield) has, like, 800 ideas. I have 400. Those number alone are just crazy. That's formidable."

Metallica will perform at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, January 26 with famed pianist Lang Lang. Hammett said they will perform "One."

"That's going to be really interesting," Hammett said. "It's going to be an arrangement that highlights some of Lang Lang's playing, but we're not lightening up the song just for him. We're still hanging onto all the heavy parts. He's just an amazing pianist; at one point he's going to be, like, weaving in and out of my guitar solo and playing parts of my guitar solo with me. I've never, ever experienced that before with anyone we've ever played with, so I'm going to be pretty psyched to be playing with him, to say the least. It's gonna be amazing."

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