Despite Motley Crue's plan to retire after their just-announced final tour, guitarist Mick Mars plans to continue working.

In an interview, Mars said he would record a solo album and write a book.

"People have been asking me for [a solo record] for years and years and years," Mars said. "And, 'Why hasn't Mick written a book?' So that, of course, is gonna be in the works. I haven't started anything or figured out who I want to write with me, or help me write it."

Mars did not have specific details on what musicians he would record music with or under what name he would record and tour.

"Putting together, probably, a cool band with some cool friends of mine and stuff, and going out and doing some, you know, a few weeks here and a few weeks there, touring, but not as the Mick Mars Band," Mars said. "I won't do that. [laughs] You'll see, like, a name, and you'll go, 'Hey, who's that?' 'I don't know.' That's the name of the band."

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Photo credit: Getty Images