According to, Korn's new album will be titled The Paradigm Shift and is ste for release on October 1.

Singer Jonathan Davis told Rolling Stone that substance-abuse issues had an impact on the the album's songwriting process.

"The whole writing process I was on autopilot," Davis said. "It was weird -- I moved into the studio. I stayed there for four months, I only came home on weekends. I moved my boys in with me, so I had my kids with me the whole time. It was an interesting creative space," he says. "It was stream-of-consciousness -- so many songs I don't know what the f--- I'm talking about. I didn't really have to try to write, it just came out. It was really kind of magic. I don't know how the hell I did it. I was so f---ed up from coming off all that medicine, and I feel so good about the record. When I look back now, I'm like, 'Wow, how did I come up with this s---?'"

The album will be the first with original guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch since 2005.

"I'm a metalhead," Welch said. "I love rock music, and I came here just wanting to do the old Korn vibe, but with a new twist. Me and [fellow guitarist] 'Munky' [James Shaffer] haven't been playing guitar together for eight years, so we came in just wanting to jam out with the bass player Fieldy [Reginald Arvizu] and Ray [Luzier], our drummer. ... The end product is a really good mix of old Korn mixed with some new elements. It's got a fresh new Korn 2013 sound. And the melodies, the lyrics and the choruses on these songs are at a new level. It's my favorite album by Korn."

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