Papa Roach announced that they have begun recording their next album.

The music, tentatively scheduled for a summer release, will be the band's eighth album.

Singer Jacoby Shaddix said that the prospect of recording in Las Vegas could end up being a distraction.

"[It can be a distraction], but I'm not a gambler, you know what I'm saying," Shaddix said. "So I don't really give a s--- about gambling. I actually have a lot of really good, close friends that live in Las Vegas. Aside from the whole Sin City vibe, there's also a real town there as well; it's not just the Strip. There's some good tattoo spots, I've got a homie that has a house out in the cuts there with motorcycles and jumps and all that crazy-ass stuff. I'll just go hang out with some of those reckless, wild dudes."


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Photo credit: Getty Images