Former Pantera singer Phil Anselmo recently spoke to Loudwire about whether he has tried to reach out to Vinnie Paul in an effort to settling the long-running feud between the two former bandmates.

"There was no public attempt, really; it was just [me being asked about it in] interviews," Anselmo said. "He's surrounded by security guards. Man, if I showed my face, Jesus Christ..."

"I don't know why he's scared of me," Anselmo continued. "He's got this fear. I think it all comes from deep love, really. 'Cause when you love something, or somebody, so much and things go backwards, that if you love 'em that much, then eventually the word 'hate' comes in, and you can hate 'em even worse."

"I know the dude loves me. I know he does. And I miss him."

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