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We return to our heroes as they continue to escape from the deadly Orcs. On the run are a Wizard, a grouping of Dwarves and a lone Hobbit that has just found his courage. Together they must escape through dark forests, Elf territory and more in hopes of getting to the Lone Mountain before the last light of a day shines upon it.

As they fight on to their goal, they fall into the realm of the Elves. Saved by a possible new ally Tauriel (Evangeline Lilly) and a future friend, but now enemy; Legolas (Orlando Bloom). By order of the king, they are imprisoned until the dwarves spout the truth of their journey and the price of freedom can be paid.

After some "negotiation", thanks to Bilbo (Martin Freeman), the group escapes into a field of Orcs and Elves. After some stunning teamwork and a bit of luck, they reach the mountain. And this is when the thief and/or Hobbit come into play. Bilbo's job is to sneak past a sleeping dragon through a sea of gold and jewels, all to find the one jewel that will reunite the kingdoms; The Arkenstone. Unfortunately, Dragons are light sleepers and Hobbit's aren't as quiet as advertised. Smaug (Voiced by Benedict Cumberpatch) rises from his slumber with anger and furious vengeance. None shall take his treasure and by no means will Thorin Oakenshield regain his power, all who oppose this commandment; will burn.

Reviewing this movie was simple; action and fantasy meet in a glorious way when Peter Jackson and these characters are part of the equation. New ally's and old friends add layers to the Hobbit story as they fight monsters at every turn. In addition, this film has one of the best escape action scenes I've seen in years. When you watch it, I dare you not to smile!

Grade: A-
MPAA Rating: PG-13

Running time: 2hr 40mins.

Movie Trailer - The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug

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