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Reality gets kicked in the shins as celebrities become the focus of the last few moments humanity has. The story follows actors Seth Rogen and Jay Baruschel as they endeavor to have a "bro-themed" weekend. Looking to expand their drug and video gamed weekend they decide to attend a house party held by fellow actor James Franco.

After countless awkward celebrity truths and moments, a unexplained event occurs. Part of the population is taken away in a moment. Which leaves the rest of humanty to survive countless earthquakes, sinkholes, fires and tragedies.

Fearing for their lives James Franco, Jay Baruschel, Seth Rogen, Craig Robinson and Jonah Hill barricade themselves in the mansion in hopes of being rescued. Though as time goes by they start to notice that this is more than a natural disaster. Survival is the key for this group, but they fall short with comedy and sarcasm being the only tools in their arsenal. Can celebrities survive or will their characters ultimately crumble.

In no way can thei movie be reviewed in any real mesurement. I had fun, I laughed and I cringed wth the rest of the crowd. I believe that most people will know if this is their kind of movie. If you liked Superbad and the crew that created it, Youll love This is the End.

Running Time: 1hr 47min

Grade: B
MPAA Rating: R

Movie Trailer - This is the End

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