In a moment the world can change, and in this film that thought becomes literal when ex-U.N. worker Gerry Lane find himself in the middle of an outbreak that defines deadly. Rushing his family to find a possible escape gives him horrible glimpses of the war that is to come. Trading his promise to once again take up his old position is all that keeps his family safe in a world where only the useful can be afforded to survive.

Crossing the globe to find the root of this pandemic is his only goal, that and returning to his family. Taking toll of the nature of this enemy only leads to more questions as friends and past foes fall underfoot of the zombie invasion. Humans are the weapon and they just might be the answer as well, only this experiment is on a world scale and the scientists are far and few between.

I had some misgivings about this film after hearing about the constant reshoot and the price tag attached to this project. I felt it would possibly be the big summer flop "that could have been something". Happily I was wrong and whatever they did to get past the bad parts has worked. The movie is clean and suspenseful with special effects, story and acting coming together to make a fun summer excursion. If you have the guts and are ready for the Zombie Apocalypse, then take a bite out of this movie before it decides to take a bite out of you!

Note: Worth the 3-D for the suspenseful and surprising moments.

Grade: B+
MPAA Rating: PG-13

Running time: 1hr 55mins.

Movie Trailer - World War Z

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