Rob Zombie recently conducted an interview with the blog Rock It Out! He was asked if there was any chance of a White Zombie reunion in the future.

"No," Zombie said. "We did it, and it's done. And it wouldn't be good. That's the thing. I mean, a lot of people forget, because they went to see White Zombie, and they were 15 years old, and it was their first concert, and everybody in White Zombie was, like, 23 years old. They're no longer 15, and they're gonna come to the concert at 40 and look at White Zombie, who are all gonna be 50, and go, 'This sucks now.' I mean, they forget that time marched on and changed. So I don't want to come back and do it again just so that it can be inferior."

"White Zombie stopped at the height of our career. We had a triple-platinum record and we just did our huge, sold-out arena tour everywhere, and then we stopped, and that's the best way to leave it."


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