According to Godsmack frontman Sully Erna, the band almost broke up after touring behind their 2010 album The Oracle.

He told the Pulse of Radio that working together non-stop for years on end had eaten away at their relationships with each other.

"You know, it was getting rough," Erna said. "You know, I'm not gonna lie -- the band was getting into a funky place and there was talks about breaking up and, you know, not really staying a band anymore. But you know, I think it was just some time we needed, some time to really reassess the thing and really appreciate what we have as a band. We've always been kind of level-headed about things, and eventually, we just needed to let a little time pass and let the dust settle."

Another Animal, the side project involving Godsmack members Tony Rombola, Shannon Larkin, and Robbie Merrill, led to additional bad blood within Godsmack.

Erna said his satisfaction with his solo album Avalon also pushed Godsmack to the edge of breaking up.

Godsmack's new album 1000hp is due late this summer.

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