By far...this is the best one yet...a spoof on the movie "CARRIE"

CHARLIE SHEEN'S Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS was good (below) . . . but DAVE GROHL of the FOO FIGHTERS just blew it out of the water with a very elaborate video, which was inspired by the 1976 horror movie "Carrie".

In the movie, Carrie is invited to the prom by some dude out of sympathy . . . and the mean girls rig it so that they're named Prom Queen and King. Then, while they're on stage in front of the crowd, the girls pull on a rope to dump a bucket of pigs' blood they stashed up in the rafters all over Carrie.

In Dave's video, he plays Carrie . . . with a tiara, prom dress and flowers . . . drummer Taylor Hawkins plays her date . . . and fellow Foo Fighters Pat Smear and Nate Mendel play the kids who trigger the bucket drop. The production value is very high . . . and they even incorporate clips from the actual movie. At the beginning, Dave challenges "Carrie" author Stephen King . . . John Travolta, who was in the movie . . . and Jack Black, well, just because. Naturally, Dave's bucket is filled with ice water, not blood. It doesn't quite make it to the part where "Carrie" exacts her revenge by killing everyone, but it does have Taylor getting hit in the head with the bucket, and the repeated line "They're all going to laugh at you!"

Here's the next best.. CHARLIE SHEEN dumping 10Grand on his head