More 20th Anniversary highlights from the Scully show. Drowning Pool came in Friday Morning, brought some great stories on air as we pounded some shots and wrapped up the last 20 years on the Eagle.  Its amazing to think that they got signed off of the EAGLE'S LOCALPALOOZA CD.  Thank you Kramer & Twitch for spinning their song at night and Chaz Knight for making the CD! Here's the two on air clips followed by the full extended bullsh*tting session below.  Looks like we're gonna do a LOCALPALOOZA SHOW with them.....ask Stevie, he's got the whole thing in the bag!

HERE'S PART ONE FROM ON AIR Friday 5/23/2014 725am....The record broke on the Eagle & getting signed...

HERE'S PART TWO FROM ON AIR Friday 5/23/2014 750am ....what it was like when the labels came calling & the infamous "Chicken Stunt"

HERE'S THE REMAINDER OF THAT DIDNT MAKE IT ON AIR DUE TO TIME CONSTRAINTS.....but theres alot of drinking, cuttin' up and bullsh*tting on here!  There may be a "LOCALPALOOZA 20TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW" soon....listen here: