Cops claim so powerful, theyre getting a smoke free contact buzz.

Cops in France confiscated 40 kilos of marijuana that was so powerful, being on the same floor as the stash was getting people high. The weed – which is currently sitting in a French police station – is actually causing trouble for the department because officers are getting stoned and actually failing drug tests.

This is why you never should confiscate cannabis… Contact highs may or maynot be real,  but policemen in the small northern French town Roubaix claim a contact high is very real–and that it’s absolutely ruining their lives and ability to work. The small French  police station seized 100 pounds of weed (weed that looks like dirt, judging by the Daily News picture), and since then, the station has begun to completely deteriorate, as the station’s officers have lost their competence and replaced it with the munchies.

They claim it’s the “skunky” smell that’s getting to them. But when you look at the details a little closer, it seems apparent that someone’s either spiking their Donuts Croissants with weed, or they’re indeed smoking up. Because… They are now suffering from crippling headaches.  And when they test themselves for consumption of the narcotic, most of them were found to be stoned. You don’t get high looking at weed. Translation: they must be smoking it, or at least using it as a fire starter. Because weed doesn’t just magically enter one’s blood stream.

“My colleagues are really bothered,” local police union official Fabrice Danel told NordEclair. Again, schwag. “Some complain of nausea, headaches. Some were tested (because they were) worried or for fun. Most (came back) positive. It’s a scandal!” he added.   Police chiefs met up last week to try and resolve the situation, which began with a disagreement between commissioners and the drug disposal agency. Judges have also warned of serious repercussions.

“Imagine that an officer, on duty or simply going home, causes an accident. A field test would show him positive for drugs and he would be arrested.” [NY Daily News]     

Should cops smoke weed on the job? Probably not. But if so, at least choose the good weed.